DIY: Revamping an old shoe


Don’t you just hate it when one your most comfortable pair of shoes get spoilt?! And for someone like me, it’s quite a task to find comfortable heel. I have extremely broad feet and had a knee surgery as well.

So when the leather of only pair of heels I could walk in comfortably at the time (a year after my surgery) started peeling, I was understandably upset.

So i decided to attempt painting it. I first peeled off all the leather bits, and painted a base coat of blue acrylic paint.

I added two more coats of the blue paint, and then spattered purple, red and finally yellow paint on the shoe.


Last i added the pyramids. i could only get ones which had to pressed in at my local market. The shoes were kinda thick, so i added those pyramids to a ribbon and stuck it on the shoe.

To finish I applied 3 coats of varnish and voilà! the shoes were ready!


19 responses to “DIY: Revamping an old shoe

  1. OMG! THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!!! i am absolutely inspired to try to do it to my old pair of shoes. i only tried coloring them with marker many yrs ago. i still have the tee i drew on but not the shoes. i even bought markers so that i can draw on my jeans. heeeee

      • aaah ok. It’s a good thing you din’t. I’ve been playing with paints since I was a kid. As a result I have like man hands (really rough)! My friends who did so had the same issue.

      • it shows u are very talented since u were little. i wasnt so and im more of a music person… i wasnt even into art even when i was in my teenage years. i didnt know when or how i started realising i actually am quite creative and the ideas never stop developing since. heeee

      • Oh wow! I’ve always wished I had a talent for Music. But sadly I don’t. I thought i did as a kid, but then i grew up to realise it just wasnt my forte. I think most creatively inclined people will have multiple talents. You should develop it more as you’re blessed!

      • the sweetest thing i heard today “creatively inclined ppl will have multiple talents”… i always call myself jack of all trades, master of none cos i never seem to be able to stick to one thing and am always venturing or developing new ideas… you make it sound so good now. awwww…. xoxo

      • I’m the same! I start something. Before I get to the mastering part I get bored and I’m off in search of something new! I get worried too that maybe its a bad thing cause I see all these people who specialize in something and are really amazing at it. But then. I think its a talent to be good at multiple things too even if you aren’t the best at it. Gives you a wider range of things to appreciate.

      • i feel that humans are rather stingy with complimenting people and its nice to know i get to meet talented bloggers here who appreciates my stuffs as much as i appreciate theirs. it feels really good. =]

      • Yes! I agree! And right now I think Singaporeans are like the nicest people cause even my other friend in Singapore, shes just as nice as you and really talented too.

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