If only i liked this rainbow as well…

Have any of ya’ll ever tried rainbow milk with coffee?

If you haven’t, trust me, it’s like the worst combination ever. I had switched to black coffee, but this morning the office boy got me coffee with rainbow milk instead of my usual black coffee. I really don’t know why I drank it, but I feel really sick now.

I think rainbow milk should only be used for tea. Coffee + rainbow milk spells disaster!

Image +Image = BAD IDEA.

I wish my work place would invest in some coffee creamer like coffeemate.

While on the topic about rainbow and since I have a secret obsession (I geuss not so secret anymore) with rainbows, I came across this really cute image of little glasses of milk with rainbow sprinkles around the rim for st.Patrics day.


It would be a great way to get kids to drink their milk. And it would also be served during a kids birthday party with rainbow sprinkles cake pops or a rainbow cake and rainbow cookies!ImageImage


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