A walk down memory lane – ISG alumni meet

Last Thursday, 24 May 2012, was my school’s newly founded student alumni association – ISGA’s (Indian School Al-Ghubra Alumni association) first alumni meet.

After quite a bit of contemplation, I decided to attend the event. As apprehensive as I was about not knowing anyone there, my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know how all my teachers and ex principal looked after all these years. I wanted to know who was doing what. Who was where and so on.

The entire event was organized solely by some of our ex students. It was quite an admirable achievement and I’m happy to see students working and residing in Oman taking some initiative to bring together all our alumni spread across the world, uniting them through this one association.

The speeches were long but it was nice to hear our principal, who had flown all the way just to attend this event, give a speech. The rules set by him and the manners instilled in us as a result helped shape us as individuals from a very early age.

Here’s a video played during the function giving you a glimpse of the past :

I may or may not attend another event, but I’ll never forget my roots which were nurtured by this school.

Indian School Al-Ghubra


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