Neon on the beach

Woke up to some amazing weather. I just had to get out, hence called up my friends. We went to Tche Tche, where I had chocolate brownie with ice cream. The brownie was extremely disappointing. It was really hard and dry. Then we walked by the beach for a bit. I stood out like a neon blob in my neon yellow H&M top and neon pink pointy toe ballet flats from MAX. Th H&M top was a bit big for me, but my size was over and I was in love with the color. I couldn’t find anything in that color at any of the other stores at Muscat City Center.

Walked for a while at the beach and then went grocery shopping. Had a friend staying over and we decided to make pasta for dinner. For dessert we had moist dark chocolate cake with ice cream (recipe :   ummm………

I do feel guilty now since I cheated on my diet, but I guess everyone really needs these weekends.


Neon yellow top – H&M – OR 4.9

Black leggings – Kapa, Centerpoint – OR 5.5

Neon pink ballet flats – MAX – OR 2.5

Black mini patent leather messenger bagZARA – OR 16.9

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