Orange flame

This weekend was really chilled out. Went out and unwound with friends. Ate a lot of good food, danced, baked, laughed. Its at times like these that life seems really good.

Wednesday night was all about meeting and catching up with friends. I got all dressed up and headed to the mall (Qurum City Center) to meet up with a couple of friends.  I wore a neon orange top from H&M with and houndstooth short skirt from Forever 21. With that I wore black stockings (Marks and Spencers) and grey studded ankle boots (Charles and Keith). Had a spiked arm party going on on my wrists. We didn’t do much at the mall. The Body shop had a sale on so checked out the stuff, and then headed to H&M to check out the sale there. Since I had already shopped a lot that week and overshot my monthly shopping budget, I resisted the temptation of buy all the beautiful stuff (at times like this I wish I was  born rich so I could have all the pretty things I wanted). The MANGO sale was over. I wanted to pick up some formal trousers, but didn’t see any I liked. Finally I just bought myself some Ferrero Rocher (yummmm……) and left.

Headed to a party at Al-Falaj after this. Was supposed to be a pirate themed party. The whole place was light up with black lights. I literally glowed like a lantern in my neon orange top. Majority of the people had worn white to the party. I was like this moving speck of glowy orange in a sea of blue/white.

All trippy!

The play list for the night was rather sad but we managed to have fun. The decorations weren’t bad for a small party in Oman. After the party we chilled at a friends. I stayed over at my friends place that night. I craved something sweet as soon as I reached my friends place so had a bowl of choco pops and milk.Slept at 6am!


Neon orange top – H&M – OR 4.9

Houndstooth print skirt – Forever 21 – OR 4.5

Stockings – Marks & Spencers – OR 6.9

Studded grey ankle boots – Charles and Keith – OR 32

Arm candy –  silver pyramid bracelet – Forever 21 – OR 2.9

– Bronze spiked bracelet – Forever 21 – OR 2.9

– Pyramid bracelet – Forever 21 – OR 1.9

– Orange beaded bracelet – a gift

Mother of pearl earrings – H&M – OR 2.9

Lipstick – Maybeline colour stay in Atomic pink.

Black bag with spiked strap – ZARA – OR 16.9


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