Trying to get fit!

Ever since my knee injury and surgery, my stamina and flexibility had gone down. I’m determined to get to where I was post surgery, so I’ve availed the Ramadan offer at RevGx.

The offer is for unlimited classes for a month for just OR 35. You can go for any of the classes on the schedule. They offer martial arts, Pilates, yoga, etc. All that for just OR 35 for a month! I think that’s a pretty neat deal. During Ramadan the classes which women can take up are limited. You can join Body combat and detox-yoga on Saturdays and Wednesdays, Pilates on Sundays and Tuesdays and Zumba and detox-yoga on Mondays.

The body combat class is probably the most rigorous from the lot. It’s a mix of kick boxing, karate and floor exercises.

Detox-yoga, taught by Japanese instructor Tomoko, is quite relaxing. The class is taken in a non air-conditioned room with candles lit and soothing music. She takes the students through a series of Yoga Asnas aimed at ridding the body of all its toxins. At the end of each class we are served Green tea made from a mix of green tea leaves and brown rice.

Pilates, taught by Mushira, concentrates on core stability. Since most of the students attending the class were beginners, she is quite patient and has kept the difficulty level low. She goes around the room, while instructing, making sure everyone is doing it right.

Zumba’s fun. This class focuses mainly on sculpting and is supposed to be done with weights, but since the weights have yet to be provided we are working out without weights. It’s a mix of dance forms with toning exercises.

So far all the classes have been fun and I look forward to it everyday. And it’s keeping me quite busy this Ramadan.


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