Size does matter – Why miniatures should be available

Mini Nail Polishes

Mini Nail Polishes (Photo credit: Bibi)

Wouldn’t we all love to have nail polishes in every color possible. Or even lipsticks, blushes, etc.

As a hoarder with an obsession for colors, I can’t sleep easy till I own a color which I see and like. This is obviously not pocket friendly and takes up a lot of space.

But then I have a solution for this…..if only it was true. Supposed all the products came with their miniature versions. I’ll tell you how this would benefit us, as well as the brands.

How its beneficial to us:

1) Since they are smaller, they take up less space. So you can have entire collections that take up half the space as the original sizes.

2) If you aren’t sure if a particular color suits you, you can buy the miniature to try it out and if you like it get the original size. This way you would save money and prevent material wastage.

Pink Flamenco - OPI

Pink Flamenco – OPI (Photo credit: JoanAfonso ❤ ℒℯ Vℯrƞis)

3) You can own an entire collection for a fraction of the cost. Eg. O.P.I. has miniature series of each of their collections. So you can can purchase a whole collection at a little more than half the cost of the collection in the original size.

4) Having miniatures would prevent material wastage as well. A lot of the time we have products, but do not finish using it before their shelf life expires, resulting in wastage of our money in wastage of resources.

5) Miniatures are more travel friendly, especially now that most of our bags are getting smaller or thinner.

6) You wouldn’t feel as bad throwing out a small used but spoilt container as compared to a big but half used spoilt container

How it would benefit the manufacturers:

1) The smaller sized stuff is usually sold at a higher price. Even if the quantity is exactly half, the price is never so.

2) But since people see a lower price which is more affordable, they tend to buy more. Hence the companies can have a higher profit. For example, Streetwear sells their nail polishes for Rs75, but the miniatures are available at Rs50 even though the quantity is probably less than half.

So now both sides benefit. It’s a win win situation. The companies can sell more products. And the people can own a lot more variety.

At the end of the day, size does matter.


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