Don’t be such a creep!

Everyone comes across quite a few people in their day to day lives, who creep them out, some more than others.

I came across this post for people, mainly guys, on how not to be creepy. It covers most of the points. Here’s a link to the article:

An Incomplete Guide to Not Creeping.

I would like to add a few more points:

Phone number: If a person says no to giving you their number, do not keep insisting. You will just end up coming across as creepy. If the person does give you their number, do not call up their phone immediately to check if they gave you the right number. You will just come across as desperate. Also if that person wanted you to get in touch with them, they would make sure they gave you the right number. If it’s a wrong number, they were probably being polite and didn’t want to say no. Do not call them immediately unless they ask you to give them a call so they can save your number. Do not insist they save your number. It is their wish if they want to do so or not.

Messaging: If you message (using any media :SMS, watsapp, facebook, email, etc.) someone you have just met, and the person does not respond, give them time. If they haven’t responded for about two days to a week, send them another message. If you still do not get a reply, then it’s best not to message again till the person responds. Remember, people are not sitting around waiting for your message to reply immediately. Do not keep messaging asking why they aren’t responding. That just gets annoying. And do not message emotional and needy sounding stuff, eg. There was this guy I once met. He kept watsapping me. Since I do not have internet activated on my fone, I can only reply when I use a wifi network somewhere. I switch on my wifi only to receive a series of messages from him, the last of which read “u r so cruel… Don’t be more cruel with me Shwetha it’s really hurt”. Those were his exact words. This was a person I had just met the previous night and from my perspective had no obligation to respond to. You cannot get creepier than that.

Calling: When you call a person, as with messaging, a person will answer you call if he/she is free or if they want to talk to you. If the person is busy, they will call you back later. Do not leave a lot of missed calls and do not keep calling at regular intervals. If you call during work hours, the peoson might be busy in a meeting. Call back in the evening. But do not call too late. Preferably call before 9pm, unless you know for sure the person sleeps late. Do not call a person you just met post 12am. And if this is a person you really like, do not call when you are drunk. Maybe you don’t have the guts to approach a person sober, but that is no excuse to call when drunk. It might come across as a) cowardly, b) as a booty call, especially if its late at night.

These are a few I can think of right now. If you have more to add, please feel free to comment below. If you would like the point added to the post, you could email it to me at

Here’s another article I found which kinda hits the spot:

Are You creeping Women Out With Your Approach?


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