65th Indian Independence day outfit

15th August. We were finally a free country today. But are we really free people?

I wish I was capable of bringing about change in the Indian system, but I neither have the resources nor the charisma to lead people. Nor am I good with words to write articles that could move people. But I think every little thing counts.

Maybe its laziness. Maybe people are just too caught up in their busy lives to care, but atleast the fact that people remembered that it was the 15th of August does make a difference. Maybe the easiest way to show it is through the use of social media. Maybe it does not make you a good citizen. But it reminds people who’ve forgotten… it educates people who do not know about the Indian history… it creates an awareness among people.

Living away from India, I do not get an off for the Indian Independence day. I can’t go watch then hoist our national flag. But I did do my little bit by walking around in the colours of the Indian flag –  Safron representing courage and sacrifice,  white for truth,peace and purity, Green for prosperity and the deep blue Ashok Chakra represents the Laws of Dharma (righteousness).

What I wore:

*Green kurta with orange trim

*White leggings

*Navy blue bangle

*Blue mojhris

Animated flag of India.

Animated flag of India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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