Who doesn’t love a good Tiramisu, a traditional Italian dessert made with coffee and mascarpone cheese.

I searched all over the internet for an authentic recepie. Most of the traditional recepies used raw eggs in the preparation. I did not want to make the modern variation using whipped cream. So I decided to make my own variation of this traditional dish.

I decided to layer lady fingers (a type of biscuit) with Zabaione (an Italian custard) mixed with mascarpone cheese. For the second layer I just used a mix of fresh cream, mascarpone and alcohol.


*Savoiardi (lady fingers) –

*Mascarpone – 500gms

*Fresh cream –

*6 egg yolks

*2tsp vanilla essence

*1/2 cup rum

*1/2 cup baileys Irish cream

*1 1/4 cup sugar

*2 tbsp coffee powder

*2 cups warm water

*cocoa powder for dusting


Cheese and cream filling:

1) In a medium sized bowl whip 250 gms mascarpone cheese with 1/2cup sugar, 1tsp vanilla essence and 2tbsp rum till there are no lumps.

2) Add 3/4 cup fresh cream,  mix well and refrigerate overnight to thicken.

Custard filling:

1) Set up a double boiler and bring the water up to boil.

2) In the top half of the double boiler beat together 6 egss yolks, 1tsp vanilla essence, 2 tbsp rum and 1/2 cup sugar untill the sugar is completely dissolved.

3) Place the bowl over the boiling water and keep beating the mixture until it turns a pale yellow. Add 3/4 cup fresh cream and mix it in well till there are no lumps and refrigerate overnight.

Assembling the dish:

1) In a flat bottomed bowl mix together 2 cups of warm water, 1/4 cup sugar, 2 tbsp coffee powder and 2 tbsp rum. You add a couple of tablespoons of baileys Irish cream as well if you prefer a more milky taste.

2) Dip the lady fingers in the coffee mix and line the bottom of a flat bottomed dish. The biscuit just need top be dipped and not soaked. They’ll fall apart if soaked.

3) Over the layer of the coffee soaked lady fingers add a layer of the cream and mascarpone mix. If you want to taste more of the alcohol, you can add a couple of table spoons of Bailey’s Irish cream to the mix.

4) Add another layer of lady finger soaked in coffee. Make sure u place it perpendicular to the orientation of the biscuits in the lower layer.

5)  Add a layer of the custard. The number of layers would depend on the size and dept of your bowl. I used a rectangular shally dish so I had two layers of the biscuit, one layer of the cream and cheese mix and one layer of the custard.

6) Dust cocoa powder on top to finish and refrigerate overnight to let it set. My advice would be to do it right before you serve and not in advance. The crust tends to thicken a little while cooling so cracks get formed on the surface. I made this mistake so my cocoa layer had cracks (ref to image).

While setting its possible that the biscuits move around a bit so try not to pack it too tight. Air bubble could escape as well. Another why its better to dust the cocoa before serving. This was my first attempt so it looks a little messy, but it tasted yummm.

For those in Oman, here’s where I got each ingredient from:

* Lady fingers – Any shop, Brand – Vicenzi.

*Mascarpone cheese – Carrefour

*Cocoa – Hershey’s – any supermarket

*Fresh cream – Almarai

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