Floral nail art

This was a random nail art I had tried. The sponge tip on one my my eyeshadow wand had come off leaving a small flat miniature spatula/pallet knife sort of thing.

I started off with a base coat. After the base coat had dried, I put a blob of white nail polish (I used Maybeline New York Colorama) and a blob of pink nail polish. I first dipped the spongeless eyeshadow applicator in white polish and then the tip of the wand in pink polish. This was dragged across the nail to create a petal. You can either do it this way, or you can first create petals in white polish and the create a gradient with the applicator dipped in pink polish. Once the petals had dried, I applied a dot of yellow polish at the center.

For the leaves, I put dots of light green, dark green, and yellow nail polish on a surface. I then dipped the applicator in all the three colors and drew on the leave by dragging the applicator across the nail like you would a palette knife. Repeat across the whole nail to create as many leave as required to cover the entire nail.

Once the leaves are dry, finish with  a top coat.

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