26th b’day!

I can’t believe I just turned 26. I definitely don’t feel 26 yet (which I guess is a good thing… are we not only as old as we feel?).

I was all excited that I had an off on my birthday, but unfortunately I was in bed the whole day with a dreadful headache. Thank god I had a pre-b’day party on Thursday (29 Nov 2012)!

The pre b’day bash was madness even though it was just 5 of us chilling at a friends place (thanks Sushmitha!). We first went to watch The Manganiyar Seduction by Roysten Abel at the Royal Operaa House, Muscat.  The show was incredible! Since it was an Indian show, I wore a saree. I wore a red and violet lehenga saree I bought on fashionandyou.com. I was running late so I kept the look minimal. Air dried hair, red lips, antique gold earrings, red and purple eyeshadow and my favourite pair of gold platforms.

Red and violet lehenga saree

Red and violet lehenga saree

After the show we partied till the next morning. We were all soooo hung over!I got back home in the evening. I hadn’t had time to buy a cake and I felt like having cake with a nice buttery flavour.

I baked  a pineapple upside-down cake as the top layer, a plain sponge cake as the base layer with a filling made from butter, cream cheese, fresh cream, icing sugar and whipped cream.

Pineapple upside down cake

Pineapple upside down cake

I wore my new hot pink satin saree with a gold border (bought on 6ycollective.com). I wore a purple blouse and jewellery from Sia with it.



I was supposed to wear this with a green blouse next day, but I fell sick and was in nooo mood to get out of bed. I had bought myself a red and black saree as well to wear for the day. I guess I’ll have to wait another day.

I tried out the nailart stickon wraps I bought from centerpoint. They kinda went with all my saree.



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