Birthday manicure – BarShe Stick-on nail wrap

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Tried out these designed nail wears (stick-on nail wraps) from BarShe. They are available at Center point, Muscat in the cosmetics section. A pack consists of 20 wraps, a nail file and an orange stick. A pack is priced at RO 0.800 and available in quite a few patterns. The one I have selected here has black butterflies with gold, pink and blue accents.

To apply:

*Apply a base coat.

*Apply nail polish and any color (optional). I would suggest nude. I have only applied a base coat.

*Remove the wrap from the back and position it on the nail.

*Push down the sides using the orange stick.

*Use a manicure scissor to cut or the extra ends.

*Use the blue side (the coarser side) to smooth down the tips and match it to the shape of the nail.

*Use the pink side of the nail file (the finer side) provided to smooth the edges.

*One smoothed down, if you have a curved nail surface, you’ll notice that the theres extra wrap sticking up as the wraps r all straight. I usually nip those with a nail cutter.

*Apply a top coat to seal.

I applied about two top coats. They lasted for about one and a half weeks. If any of the edges come loose, just apply a little top coat under it and press it down. The apply another layer of top coat above.

Mine would have lasted longer had I not gotten bored and peeled them off. Its a bad habit I have to get rid of. I tend to scratch off my nail polish when I’m bored or restless, leaving my nails a chipped mess!

All in all these were definitely worth the price and all the effort that went into applying them.


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