New Beginings…

December was quite hectic. Quite a lot of changes… hopefully for the better.

To begin with I quit my job in Oman and left the country on the 15th. For the first time in almost 24 years I do not have a residence permit for Oman.

From Oman I went to Mumbai, where I stayed for two weeks. It was two extremely hectic weeks, trying to get everything set up for my trip to Amsterdam.

I left for Amsterdam on the 26th of Dec. With a 4 hour transit at Charles De Gaul in Paris, I arrived in Amsterdam on the 27th and was greeted with rain.

After a magical 5days (very short. Time just flew!) I headed back to Mumbai. But again I had no time to breathe as I was to head to Doha on the 5th of Jan.

While in Mumbai I got a crazy haircut. I went super short on one side while keeping the rest of my hair long. I had more bright colours added to my hair. It looked like my hair played holi with each other, but I loved it, especially the yellow.

I arrived in Doha on the 5th and have been staying at a hotel since. My apartments not ready yet. I had a look at what was selected by the company and asked for it to be changed. So I guess its gonna take a while longer to get settled in. Right now my hotel rooms strewn with all my stuff and I’m going a little nuts.

My new office in nice and everyone seems really sweet. I’m hoping for the best. Lets see. Will post details about my trip and everything else soon!



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