Cheating on love

How does one claim to be madly in love with someone, and yet date other people?

Is it alright to see other people if you are in a long distance relationship? Would that be fair to the person you love?

I once dated a guy who told me he was single. He asked me out and convinced me to date him. I don’t usually date, but just as an experiment I said yes. He had seemed like a nice guy. Simple n honest.

A couple of months later, I found out he already had a girl friend who he was planning to marry her. That would make be the “other” woman. Now that definitely does not feel good. I felt like a fool. I realized I barely knew anything about this person who I had considered a friend.

When confronted, he told me that she wasn’t really his girl friend, but someone his parents wanted him to get married to. He knew that eventually he would marry her and that she was a good match for him. Till then he wanted to see other people and enjoy life. That made no sense to me. Why would you marry someone who you could not enjoy your life with?

I broke up with him soon after, but we stayed friends. I called him to wish him on his birthday and he got around to talking about his girl friend for the first time.

He told me he’s madly in love with this girl who he had earlier told me his parents wanted him to marry. The reason he lied about this girl was because he had to convince himself that he could stay away from her, when in reality all he longed for was to be with her. He dated other people to keep his mind off her.

Now hold on. Does this mean he doesn’t care about the other persons feelings? What if one of these girls was to fall in love with him? What if he met someone and realized he really liked her? Would he still keep the other girl on hold while he tried out this new girl?

This brings me to another question. Was it just something physical that he was after?

Is this a form of cheating as well?
would you be alright with your partner seeking physical pleasure while in a long distance relationship as long as it was only you he loved?
would it make you jealous?

Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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