Fashion: A Neonectic point of view

Fashion is a composition of colours and shapes, put together on a canvas that is our human body, each being unique. There’s nothing wrong and there’s nothing right. It’s all about breaking the so-called “RULES” with a little creativity and aesthetic sense.

The elements – the clothes, the accessories, the footwear, the attitude, the makeup, the colours, the prints, the shapes – all unite and act as one creating a unique outfit and a style all your own which transcends as Fashion.

We don’t have to fight to fit in and blend. We were meant to be unique. Be proud, be yourself and standout. Cause no two people were born the same. We were never meant to be and never will be like another. Let your style be a part of you, and as you evolve so will your style. Wear it like a second skin. Embrace your uniqueness and enjoy every moment of it!

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